I Don’t Care If You’ve All Already Seen It; This Is Adorable

I know that Gabe tends to avoid videos that are already highly viewed, and that makes sense, but I actually grew ovaries and began to ovulate while watching this video for the first time yesterday. Did you know that was even possible? It seems that there should at least need to be actual babies in the video for such a thing to occur. These children are too old to make that happen!

Look, anatomical anomalies aside, watching this video makes me feel like crying. I’m sure that part of that is just a release of all the pent up stress of finishing school and everything else, but there is a little part of me that is in constant mourning for my own childhood. This video is a perfect little depiction of what we all lose by growing up. Imagine being able to unselfconsciously kiss someone just because you like them, without any fear of judgment or rejection.

Imagine being able to experience that kind of honest affection for someone, completely removing all of the psycho-sexual insecurities and power struggles and the knowledge that the interminable march of time is stealing away our remaining chances to find love and happiness. Imagine being able to enjoy that moment and even celebrate it openly!

Until some adult says, “No more.”

*sigh* Thanks for the tip, Ginger Ball Z.