Guess What, Guys? We All Have a New Hero!

Meet your new hero: Jeffrey!

Now, because Jeffrey is a hero to us all, I don’t really have to explain this to anyone, but still, just to clarify, we didn’t choose* this young man as our hero just because he wrote and performed this amazing and strange and beautifully done Beyonce parody. And it wasn’t because of his other fabulous online performances. Jeffery became our hero when we witnessed his deft handling of the predictably horrible YouTube comments on his videos. His self-possession and goodhearted determination to fulfill his dreams won him our allegiance.

Even in the midst of the worst, our hero prevails!


Also, he is quite an impressive singer, as demonstrated in this cover of “So Much Better” from Legally Blonde (courtesy of werttrew):

Perhaps his skill as a sound engineer could use some work, but I’m pretty sure that it’s mentioned somewhere in The Iliad that Achilles was a crappy plumber**. All heroes have weaknesses.

Anyway, I think we should all go to the YouTubes and proffer our various bows, swords, and axes, so Jeffrey can lead us into the battle for self-actualization. Take it away, Jeffrey!

*Or, did he choose us?
**Also, he had that heel thing.