This One Cat Tries To Prove Me Wrong

One serious problem I have with cats (Videogum has temporarily become the online home of Cat Hater Enthusiast Quarterly) is that they almost never do anything at all. I mean, I also almost never do anything at all, but at least I can talk and I go to work and pay taxes and stuff, you know? But this cat is pretty cool. I mean this cat is at least doing something, even if what it’s doing is irrational terror.

Now, I don’t think this is a very strong argument in cats’ favor and I am still 100% Team Dogs, but at least this cat regards something – even if it’s only a tennis ball – with some emotion other than scowling condescension. But this cat would almost definitely not let you pet it, and it will probably die at a young age because it will sneeze and knock itself off of a counter or something. Is that too serious? I’m sorry. I just mean that this kitten is a spaz attack away from self destruction. It is probably in the luckiest situation it could be, actually, because it lives in a home with entire giant rooms full of nothing but three separate couches on three separate walls and no carpeting in sight. It goes to show you that each of us is in exactly the situation we’re supposed to be.

Via The Daily What. (Thanks for the tip, Baby Friday!)