Oh no, you guys. As you may have heard, David Beckham was in a car accident over the weekend. Yikes. Celebrities. Their lives are hard, just like ours. This is exactly the sort of thing I was worried about. Some sort of major event would go down as soon as Gabe leaves and here I sit, like some kind of FOOL, with all of you looking to me for guidance and encouragement, and I don’t know what to say. Obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with Soccer Spice and the rest of the Beckham family during this difficult time. And as for the rest of us, all I can really tell you is that we live in a confusing world of mysteries where even someone like David Beckham is subject to trials and distress. Bin Laden dies, David Beckham hits a stalled car on the freeway and sends its driver to the hospital and while he himself must bear the crippling burden of emotional trauma and guilt for which there is no remedy. We have to take some bad with the good. That is the balance of life.

(Via TMZ.)