This Dog Makes My Case About Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Controversy time!

If you are ever confused about whether dogs or cats are better animals, just put a dog and a cat in a room together and see which one is being cooler. 1000% of the time, the dog is being cooler. This is a perfect example of it. The title of the video is “Dog and Cat” and the description is “Dog steals the cat’s blanket.” But the real title should be “Awesome Chilly Dog!” and the real description should be “Dog gets chilly trying to nap and grabs a blanket off the back of a couch. Cat is also in the room.”

Now, I guess I kind of understand that some people think that cats’ aloofness and general buttholishness is charming (“They’re so smart! Blah blah blah!” – cat people), but would you want to hang out with a person who acted like that? No way! The best thing that a cat does is sit on your lap and vibrate, and let’s face it – that is kind of weird.

Also, the cat was, at best, only marginally using the blanket. It just seems like the cat hadn’t budged from that spot and some human decided to clean up and couldn’t get the cat to move, so the human just put the blanket right on top of the cat. It’s not even fair to say that the dog stole the cat’s blanket. If anything, the dog just decided to utilize a blanket that just so happens to have a million of that cat’s hairs on it, but leaving hair on something by no means implies ownership. Otherwise, I would own the house I live in. And there you have it. I rest my case. Make your rebuttal (if necessary; I know this was an extremely convincing argument) in the comments.