Meet Today’s Guest Blogger: caringiscool

OMG, guys, HI! I’m Kira! Maybe you recognize me by my commenter name, caringiscool? Maybe not. I don’t comment TONS but I’m a very Olde Tyme Gummalo, mostly pre-Monsters’ Ball. I’m always doing something – bloggin’, twitterin’, or tumblrin’. I am all up in the internet’s guts like whoa, but I might not be a super familiar “face” to some of you newer monsters. That’s okay! I promise, I’m a super cool lady with some very cool stuff to show you.

When I got tapped to write this week, on the outside, I was like this guy.

“Whatever. Sure, no biggie. Not trippin’.” But inside I was like “HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP Werttrew’s-avatar-of-the-kid-spazzing-out-while-opening-Christmas-presents!!!!”

While I realize that in the grand scheme of things this is just a blog about kitten accidents and hating Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s also a smart, funny, little ship, bobbing in the vast internet ocean of barfiness. Please know that, as a lowly cabin girl, being trusted to (wo)man the ship while the inscrutable, yet lovably crotchety, captain is below-decks dealing with his gout is maybe The Biggest Deal to me. What if I run this ship aground, because I am just a little baby who doesn’t know anything at all about navigating corgis-farting-on-trampolines infested waters? What if I am awful and everyone agrees that I am definitely the worst, stupidest, least funny person who has ever lived? I hope those things don’t happen! And you know what? I’m not going to LET that happen because today I am the Acting Captain of the S.S. Videogum. (Exhausted from nautical metaphors. Blogging is hard!) What I am for sure going to do today is give it the old college try to really knock this old pig skin out of the park with my rugby mallet. (Sports metaphors! Much better. You’re welcome, dudes!)

So, let’s get started on today, shall we? Are you ready to rock? Because, I, Kira, am going to do my best today to rock you like a KIRAccane!* It’s Friday, so let’s have a fun day, and not worry about anything because it’s almost the weekend and weekends are KILLER. Let’s join hands and run, laughing and shouting, face-first into the waves, like we are filming promos for “Friends!” We can do this, guys! FOLLOW ME!

*Please don’t think that is a thing I have ever said aloud, or thought, or possibly think regularly without saying aloud, because I promise I just made that up right now. Pinkie swear.