Saturday Night Live : Tina Fey and Ellie Goulding

Well, Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live. On the one hand, come on, Saturday Night Live. It feels like Tina Fey has been on SNL more this season then she was when she was hosting Weekend Update, and it’s not like Hollywood is short on pregnant celebrities who would jump at the chance to make this episode more relevant to all the moms out there who would totally flip out, I’m so sure, if SNL ignored their big day. On the other hand, what are you going to do? Complain about seeing Tina Fey on SNL? You probably would and sometimes, I just don’t get you.

Confession. Now and then, I start to associate Tina Fey so closely with Liz Lemon that I forget how smart, self-assured, and courageous Tina Fey really is. That’s because I’m a total idiot, and this episode set me straight. Tina Fey is an incredible woman who’s absolutely earned every inch of her pioneering, living legend-y, almost Yoda-like status. I know how many feathers I’m ruffling out there, but I don’t mind voicing this controversial opinion to keep things interesting while Gabe’s gone.

In any case, it’s a good thing Tina Fey was there, because without her, this would have been a pretty mediocre episode. Even with her, it wasn’t off the charts. The writers must have pulled a few scripts out of the Meh Pile, figuring that if anyone could mine solid gLOLd out of these scripts, she could. And she did, but you could tell the effort nearly BROKE HER WATER. The “Mermaid” sketch, for example, seemed to need a little direction. But she sold it!

The sketch that has the streets talking was the Birthing Class sketch, and why not? Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, and Kristen Wiig are a dream team, and I think Abby Elliott has a bright future ahead of her, one for which I would definitely be a loving and supportive companion.

I’ll echo Gabe’s sentiment about the political cold opens just needing to go. That a comedian of Fred Armisen’s caliber has to captain these sinking ships every single week just makes me about as mad as a weekly sketch comedy television show can make a person. THAT SAID, Fred Armisen just killed it later on with that Gaddafi’s Best Friends Growing Up sketch. That was almost the highlight of the night.

The GOP Presidential Candidate sketch was really only worth it for the very welcome Sarah Palin impersonation, which is every bit as sharp and relevant as it was in 2008. (Two thousand and eight! A.D!)

The Digital Short had its moments. Fake rap or no fake rap, I think the Lonely Island’s particular brand of self-effacing parody that also subtly satirizes their audience is a lot sharper than the low-brow goofiness they try to play it off as.

And, wow, it seems like the Law of Averages would dictate that one of these Stefon sketches will misfire sooner or later, but that day was NOT last Saturday! Better luck next time, Human Kites!

Congratulations, Tina Fey! Love you, Mom!

Next week, Ed Helms!