Meet Today’s Guest Blogger: Huckabeast

Up and at em, Monsters! Today, we don’t get the pop culture blogger we need, but the one we deserve. I’m Huckabeast. I used to comment a lot, but then I started working more and I can’t comment nearly as much as I’d like. Heartbreaking, I know. Please send care packages and sympathy cards RE: The Saddest Person in the World. The Post Office will know what to do from there.

In addition to being the world’s saddest person (these guys know what I’m talki – eh, nope. Be yourself, Huck.) I also write a television show called Footnote that’s on WGN and that you all doubtless are already familiar with owing to your weekly viewing parties, discussion groups and fan clubs. I think it’s really great, but you might not. I cannot predict the future. I’m also directing X-Files: The Musical. If there’s anything else about me worth knowing, I’ve forgotten it.

I found Videogum while I was in Disney World. I’d just gotten dumped by my girlfriend and sent on a work trip to a Disney World conference which sounds so great, I know, except we’re all adults here and we know that Disney World is only great for children. For tiny babies! IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL! (Hello, Gabe? No, everything’s going great here. I’m just crushing it. You might as well stay an extra week since I’m crushing it so hard.) And if you’re an adult, particularly a miserable, angry, heartbroken adult, you probably, I don’t know, spend the entire time holed up in your hotel room with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, digging through #literally every single website on the Internet and watching Batman: The Animated Series on Netflix. As we all know, we could be talking about anyone here, and there’s no use guessing which one of us it is, and if you’re so eager to point fingers, maybe you should start thinking about what that says about you, you know?

Anyway, Disney World. Digging through the Internet. I’d seen banner ads for The Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time before, and I finally clicked on one and there you go. I spent the rest of my time in Disney World trying to figure out what in the world you guys were even TALKING ABOUT, because we all know there’s a learning curve around here. But, after a while, I just fell in love (rebounded) with this place and have been a regular here ever since. In spirit, if not in upvotes.

And since then, Videogum has become a little bit important (at least, as important as a website can be) to me. So it’s a real honor to be behind the curtain now. I’ll be checking the tips all day just like normal, but you can send them via TWEETER if you like. Really excited for today. Clear minds, full hearts, don’t break the Internet. Here we go.