Meet This Week’s Guest Bloggers

Gabe (me) will be out this week. These things happen, and we are all going to deal with it like adults. Chin up. Brave faces on. The numbers for the blog police and the flame war department (Boo! We are glad Gabe is gone!) are on the NUKED FRIDGE. (Pulling out all the stops. About to drop the mic in a second and just walk right off stage.) Anyway, here is the schedule for this week:

Monday: Huckabeast
Tuesday: Superglue
Wednesday: Godsauce
Thursday: Notsewfast
Friday: CaringIsCool

Please, treat them with more dignity, respect, and enthusiasm than you have ever treated me. I’m not even saying that you guys don’t treat me with enough dignity and respect and enthusiasm. I mean, sometimes you could be a little nicer but I’m not going to sit here and whine about it, and for the most part you guys are great. What I’m saying is: be better this week. If not for them, then for me. Thank you. Now, BANG THE KEYS GUEST BLOGGERS, YOU ARE THE BLOGS NOW DOGS.