Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Well, you guys, it is that wonderful/terrible time of the year again. Wonderful, of course, because all of our shows are pulling out all the stops and delivering THE GOODS. Terrible, of course, because they are doing this to end on a high note before they go off the air for the summer. Yay! Boo! So, Will Ferrell ended his run on The Office. Parker Posey cameoed on Parks and Recreation (haven’t watched yet, NO SPOILERS). Last night’s 30 Rock was actually the season finale, which, can we talk about how it was a little strange how they pointed out that everyone on the show gets a three-month summer vacation and rents houses in the Hamptons? Don’t get me wrong, I love Ina Garten as much as the next guy who loves Ina Garten, but it just felt surprisingly unrelatable for a show that somehow makes absurdist comedy about the behind-the-scenes of a network sketch comedy show somewhat relatable, kind of, or something. I don’t know, it struck me as weird. Forever alone. And, of course, part one of Community’s two part paintball episode. The wild west! Sawyer! It was very good. The dean is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, with his costumes, and with his constantly shouting, “I’m the dean!” (I particularly liked it a couple weeks ago when he kept shouting “I’m a good dean!”) This episode, of course, was a call back to last year’s paintball episode, which seemed to be many people’s favorite episode of any television show in a long time. It’s always a risky gambit to try and recreate your previous success, but so far so good. OH, I AM GOING TO MISS YOU THIS SUMMER, OLD PALS!