Happy Star Wars Day!

According to the Internet, today is Star Wars Day, whatever that means. The most wonderful day of the year, I’m sure. In honor of this important occasion, I have posted a photo of adults celebrating Star Wars Day. As you can see, they are all in the appropriately festive spirit that a day like this deserves from people who are not seven-years-old. They’re talking about PowerPoints and Accounts Payable and when they get home they are going to have a sensible dinner and get some shut-eye before the big meeting tomorrow morning about Q2 overages. One of them is probably thinking about a trip he or she is taking this weekend to Bed Bath and Beyond to replace a duvet cover that the cat ruined, and another one has heartburn from a big lunch! All of them know how to wash and clothe themselves, do their best to shoulder the responsibilities of adulthood, and visit the dentist twice a year. HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!