New Videogum Promise: Kathie Lee Gifford Dancing Animated GIFs

So, I’ve been watching a lot more of the fourth hour of the Today Show lately. Whatever. Only God can judge me. Also, everyone should be doing this. The fourth hour of the Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford is the closest thing America has to TRUE ART. These old bats are hilarious. One thing I’ve been noticing though as a regular viewer is that Kathie Lee constantly overrides anything that anyone else is saying or doing with her bottomless abyss of self-obsession dances. Kind of a lot? Which raises the question: how are there not more Kathie Lee Gifford animated GIFS all over the Internet? She is giving us a gift. It is time for us to appreciate it.

Above is a GIF of Kathie Lee dancing this morning, although my favorite one is after the jump:

CLASSIC. So, new Videogum Promise: we will continue to pick the Internet up when it falls, and we will strive to be the Net’s home for Kathie Lee Gifford dancing animated GIFs. BLOOD OATH.