The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Will Ferrell And John C. Reilly Kissing At A Basketball Game

Here is a photo of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly kissing each other at a basketball game. I don’t know. It was going around the Internet today. There is some speculation that they were filming something for a movie or something, but I like to think they just got caught up in the excitement of the SPORTS and then, when they first realized they were up on the jumbotron, there was this palpably tense moment of anticipation in the stadium when it was like “will they or won’t they?” and then BOOM and the crowd when nuts and now these two guys are genuinely in love and they’re going to adopt a babyyyyyyy. That’s probably what’s going on, right? That makes much more sense than them filming it for a movie or just doing it as a goof. It’s almost certainly a genuine display of the real and overwhelming feelings that the two men have for each other and for their new family. Now how about some real and overwhelming CAPTIONS!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. MWAH! Right? MWAH!