Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Goodbye, Michael Scott

This week, we talk about The Office and Michael Scott. We don’t talk about the birth of Shirley’s Chang Baby on Community, or Condoleezza Rice’s cameo on 30 Rock, or how great April and Andy are on Parks and Recreation (so great!). This week, we talk about The Office and Michael Scott. Goodbye, Michael! For all of the build up to Steve Carrell’s exit from the show, I think they handled it pretty perfectly. He just sort of, you know, left. And I will tell you this: I got a little emotional watching it and that is a VERY WEIRD THING and also DIFFICULT FOR ME TO ADMIT. Like, how does that even work? How do you make someone get emotional watching a fake middle manager fake leave a fake paper company?! Congratulations, The Office. That is a neat trick! It was also nice, for what it’s worth, to see the show make some sort of acknowledgement of its basic and at this point deeply illogical premise that these people are STILL the subject of a documentary. There has been talk in recent weeks about the show’s writers and producers being nervous about where the show will go next and whether or not it will be able to retain viewers without Steve Carrell, and while I think they will probably figure it out, because they are a huge major network sitcom with a bunch of money and a good time slot and a very smart team of writers and producers, they aren’t wrong to be a little worried. Steve Carrell carried the show this whole time. Yes, there was Jim and Pam and Creed and Andy Bernard and all of those things, and each of them is really great in its way, but there is glue and there is macaroni, and while you can’t have a macaroni collage without the macaroni…I’m not actually going to finish this metaphor because it’s too stupid even for me but I think you see what I’m saying. Anyway: good send off to the character on that TV show. Let’s see some Michael Scott GIFs today.