Best New Party Game 52: Spring Movies!

Well, at long last, spring has finally spronged! I don’t know where you are sitting right this second, but where I am sitting right this second it is GORGEOUS outside. Holy moly. Sometimes you almost forget what it is like to be a human being in a world where beauty and wonder is still possible, and then it’s 65 degrees and sunny outside and you are like “Oh, that’s right! Not today, roof, jump off YOURSELF!” That whole “it gets better” campaign was about New York weather patterns, right? ANYWAY, this hard-earned spring fever calls for a celebration! How about a “party” that is actually just a pun-based word-game on a pop culture blog?! BYOB. So, spring movies, and no, we haven’t played this one yet, if you can even believe it (although “Warmer Movies” does come pretty close, but it’s not Summer, Fall, Winter, WARMER, now is it? I don’t think it is. IMDB it.) So:

  • SnowCone Dogs
  • St. Elmo’s Playing In A Fire Hydrant
  • Tulips For Algernon
  • Tommy Wiseau’s The Bloom
  • First Robin Of Spring Hood

Oh good, another reason to stay indoors. At last!