The Bully Project Trailer, You Guys

After the jump, you can (and should) watch the trailer for a new documentary called The Bully Project about the bullying crisis in America. I think it goes without saying that I HATE BULLIES. Sorry to any bullies out there whose feelings I may have hurt. My personal experience with bullies has been relatively tame. There was this kid in elementary school who was a couple years older than me who would take my Ocean Pacific hat off and throw it down the hall. But then one year at the All School Roller Skate, we ended up skating next to each other, and our wheels touched and ground together and he fell down on the rink and I didn’t and he never bothered me again. Oh, there was also a BMX bike gang that chased me all the way to Dave Ecklund’s house, but they didn’t catch me. It was awful, but compared to what these kids are going through these days, it was small potatoes. Small, relatively benign potatoes. Kids are so mean. Oh, this movie trailer breaks my heart!

“The power of hearing one voice in solidarity with you can be transformative for people.” We are in solidarity with you, kids who are getting bullied! Right, you guys? Who is with me? Let’s transform these children! Admittedly, children probably shouldn’t be reading Videogum. It’s not appropriate. Or, if you DO read Videogum, read it with a parent who can answer your questions. But, you know, it’s like The Secret. We’re putting solidarity vibes out into the universe. BULLIES STINK! TO SAY THE LEAST!