Stanley Tucci Has A Show About Wine?

And Mario Cantone is on it?

Previous guests include Nathan Lane, Nora Ephron, and John Lithgow (well, obviously). Hey, I like wine, and Stanley Tucci is a good actor (although he was very hammy in The Lovely Bones, right? Which is weird, I think, to be hammy but also be a child rapist-murderer?). But what is this? Am I the weird one for thinking this is weird? No, right, sorry, you’re right, Mario Cantone PRETENDING TO BE A GLASS OF WINE for Stanley Tucci to riff off of isn’t weird. Carry on, world. Although, sorry, one more thing: it is hilarious how everything wine touches turns to hilariously pretentious caricature. Right? Poor wine. So delicious. So full (bodied) of itself. (Boo!)