Glee S02E17: Goodbye Soft Gabe!

So, there is some good news and some bad news for the Gleeheads today. The good news is that after an extended-hiatus, Glee is back on the air! Yay? Yay! I have never watched an episode of Glee in my life, but I can imagine that if you like this show, this is great. I mean, there are other shows that I have watched that have gone on extended-hiatus and when they come back after a hiatus–OK, I think you get my point. Now, for the bad news. Are you sitting down? SIt down, please. Videogum’s resident Glee Expert, Gabe Liedman, will no longer be able to cover the show for this website. Obviously, this is unfortunate, and he will be missed. But before you start crying into the sleeve of your letter jacket (which is not that great of a kind of sleeve to cry into, btw. It’s not absorbent!) know that he has a very good reason for leaving us: he has been hired to write for a new Vh1 morning talk show and also to APPEAR on that show! WOWOWOWOWOW! YESSSS! So, you see, when God closes a Glee recap, he opens a Vh1 morning talk show. Not so bad! Chins up, tigers! Let’s all please wish Soft Gabe well in his new adventures, and let’s do our best to pick up his slack by discussing the episodes together, like a family. He can never be replaced, but we should try our best to replace him. Never forget.