Today marks the 122nd birthday of Adolph Hitler. In an interview concerning his Nazi-mocking, smash-Broadway-hit, The Producers, Mel Brooks explained his philosophy on the subject of “Hitler comedy” in saying: “Of course it is impossible to take revenge for 6 million murdered Jews. But by using the medium of comedy, we can try to rob Hitler of his posthumous power and myths.” It is an interesting idea! That by turning this terrible human nightmare into a subject of ridicule and mockery, it strips him of everything that he worked for (besides that one thing he worked, for, of course, which is the extermination of 10 million people, including Jews, yes, but also gypsies, homosexuals, and the handicapped). Of course, it would be far better to create a time machine, because then someone can just go back there and KILL HIM. But until that day…

Hitler was such a jerk!