Do These Middle-Aged Women Having A “Flash Mob” At Target Mean That We Can Finally Be Done With Flash Mobs?

After the jump, I have posted a video of a group of middle-aged women conducting a “flash mob” at Target (of course). Now, a “flash mob,” I thought, involved remotely contacting a group of strangers and having them descend upon an agreed upon location at a given time to perform a given task, whereas these women meet first and have BOXED LUNCHES and then take BUSES to the Target before having their “flash mob.” And I keep putting “flash mob” in scare quotes because they sort of just walk into the store singing and dancing, which seems more like a pre-meditated song-and-dance routine organized by a group of friends and performed in an unlikely public setting than a flash mob, but they call it a flash mob, and they look like they’re having fun, so let’s just say it’s a flash mob. It’s not going to hurt anyone to just call it a flash mob. But what I want to know is: now that the moms are in on it, does this mean we can finally (FINALLY) be done with flash mobs? They’re over now, right? Please tell me that they are over.

Flash mob? More like flash MOMS, am I right?! (Thanks for the tip, Yvonne.)