Gary Busey OFFICIALLY Endorses Donald Trump For President In 2012

The 2012 election is already HEATING UP! Barack Obama has already announced that he WILL be running for re-election despite the fact that he is a FOREIGN CITIZEN! Meanwhile, something something Tim Pawlenty? Aw, Tim Pawlenty! SUPERPOKE! Of course, the big news for the past few weeks has been the candidacy of Donald Trump, patriot. After his POWERFUL interview on the Today Show, the world has been eagerly waiting to see if he will officially throw his hat into the ring when this season of Celebrity: Apprentice–the most popular show on television, according to sources inside Donald Trump–finishes taping, because you can’t have such a popular show AND run for president, because founding fathers and patriotism. But the pounding drumbeat of Trump Enthusiasm, also known as Trumpthusiasm, becomes deafening today with the OFFICIAL announcement that Gary Busey is “campaigning” for Trump.

It will be interesting to see how Barack “Hussein” Obama maneuvers his campaign machine to compete with the powerful Gary Busey lobby. At this point, he’s going to need to lock up the Breckin Meyer endorsement or else he might still beat Donald Trump in a landslide either way! Haha. Gary Busey. Ha! (Via ShortFormBlog.)