The Help Trailer, You Guys

Wait, I’m confused. I thought Invictus was about how we ended racism with that soccer game. But now apparently there is still racism? Well, I sure hope this magazine article ends racism! JK, relax. Honestly, this movie looks fine, and I will tell you this: Emma Stone is a charming young actress with a very interesting career ahead of her. She’s like Lindsay Lohan without the knife-play! But I am always kind of confused about what the point of these movies is supposed to be. Is it supposed to make white people feel better about themselves because at least they’re 2011 white people and not 1961 white people? Is it supposed to make black people feel better because even though they suffered a hundred years of degradation AFTER the Civil War and continue to face systemic, politically reinforced economic disenfranchisement to this day, at least someone had the courage to tell the story of how a brave white journalist wrote a book about them? The question I’m asking is: who is supposed to FEEL BETTER after watching this movie? Clearly, based on the emotionally manipulative soundtrack, SOMEONE is supposed to feel better, I just can’t figure out WHO!