Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Listen up, fives, a ten is talking. How about that TV last night, huh? Will Ferrell on The Office! Andy and April getting married on Parks and Recreation! The candy safe on 30 Rock! Something on Community (haven’t watched yet)! After all of those weeks of hiatus (showbiz terminology, no biggie deal) you have to admit: these shows came back hard. Parks and Recreation stole the “emotional comedy” rug out from under The Office’s TV-feet (?!) (It’s Friday!) but that was OK because The Office had Will Ferrell, soooo. Pretty sure the part at the beginning of the episode when Will Ferrell said he’d tried to get an Animal Olympics going (!) and Steve Carrell asked what happened and his response was “life happened” was one of the best things. Pretty sure. We’ll see. (The WORST thing was when Amy Poehler told everyone to go to bed, because that expression is copyrighted. By me. YOU BETTER LAWYER UP, PARKS AND RECREATION!) And oh but also in the end 30 Rock won the night. SURPRISE! That may have been the best episode of the season. I laughed out loud many times. It was very good. Spider-Man 3 Pie Scene good. (That means “so good.”)

Right? Am I right?