The Paul Reiser Show Drinking Game

I’m sure everyone here is as excited as I am for tonight’s premiere of The Paul Reiser Show! Right? Finally, Paul Reiser, BACK ON TV!* Admittedly, I am probably not excited for it in the way that NBC hopes I would be excited for it. Two very different sets of expectations diverged in a yellow wood…But don’t worry, NBC (NBC is probably pretty worried, so I’m trying to calm them down), I’m definitely going to watch it! I’ve even created a fun drinking game for tonight’s premiere that you can play at home. Here’s the rules: drink every time:

  • Paul Reiser seems completely out of touch with what the regular world for actual human beings is like.
  • Someone should say something about how Paul Reiser is a multi-millionaire celebrity, but instead they say something that pretends like he is just an average Joe.
  • An anecdote is told that was probably hilarious on a golf course in New Zealand or whatever, but it falls flat on your couch in your living room.
  • A joke is made about Paul Reiser’s body, or wrinkles, or hair-line, or anything that suggests that somehow we all thought Paul Reiser USED to be pretty hot stuff but now look at him, which is not the case.
  • More rules after the jump!

    Also drink every time:

  • Smug satisfaction creeps into Paul Reiser’s voice in a way that makes you want to hurl him into Whoops Ocean.
  • Paul Reiser is somehow victimized, or made to look like an underdog, as if.
  • The word “residuals” ISN’T mentioned.
  • A reference to Mad About You is made in a manner that grossly overestimates America’s continued interest in Mad About You references.
  • Hollywood is lampooned and derided with little to no acknowledgement that there is nothing more Hollywood than an aging sitcom actor’s new sitcom about being an aging sitcom actor.
    This show makes you barf instead of laugh.

Have fun, you guys. And remember: please enjoy alcohol responsibly, and most importantly, please do NOT actually play this game. Stay safe!

*Please, by now you know that I would never begrudge someone working, especially as they get older and work may or may not be harder to come by. So, congrats. But also, isn’t the whole point of this show that Paul Reiser doesn’t actually need to work anymore? And even if he did need to work, this is a pretty weird, self-serving, out-of-touch, millionaire’s playground of a way to go about it. So, a little teasing AT THE VERY LEAST seems in order.