Meet Braco, Be Changed

It’s going to be hard for me to explain Braco to you. Ultimately, you have to experience Braco for yourself. But before you do, I will let Braco explain himself, through the healing power of his website. Here is a brief description of what Braco “is” from his FAQ section (which is mostly about parking and how to pick up Braco tickets, but also deals with what Braco is):

One doesn’t even need to see Braco (in the case of some shorter in a big room) to have the energy reach them. The energy which Braco projects via the gaze is beyond the time space continuum and so it even can reach people before they come to the event or long after. Many healings happen instantaneously. Others take a few months or never, depending upon the soul’s choice.

Braco is for short people, too! Or maybe he is for no one at all. The one thing that is for certain is that you do not need to exist…on…the space-time continuum…to feel…the gaze. I think? Sorry, I told you I couldn’t explain Braco myself. But I still don’t think you’re ready. Let someone who has experienced Braco try to put it into words. Here is a testimonial:

I believe fervently in miracles and spiritual healing but I have always been very cynical about celebrity psychics, healers, gurus and the like. I assumed Braco was more of the same with a different gimmick. However, when I went to the Internet to check him out I was stunned by his picture. I thought “This man looks way to honest and kind to be one of those people. What’s going on here?” Braco’s gaze had dealt its first blow to my cynicism…from a computer screen!!

This person sounds like a normal, well-rounded person who is definitely real and definitely exists, and I appreciate that they are expressing some of the same skepticism that I might feel upon first hearing of Braco. But don’t let your skepticism get in the way of Braco’s power. Only you can let Braco in. Although, before you do, here are a couple of important warnings:

One must be over 18 years old and not pregnant past her first trimester. It’s all very difficult to explain — that’s why Braco stopped speaking in public 8 years ago.

OK. You’re ready. Or at least as ready as you ever could be:


Don’t worry, guys. He’s on Skype.

AND NOW BRACO IS IN YOUR HEART AND YOU ARE HEALED. Thank you for the tip, Tim, thank you for Braco.