Alec Baldwin Vs. John Krasinski

I still do not care about sportsketball, but A for Effort, boys! Although, I’m not entirely sure who this is for? Sports fans who also love critically beloved but surprisingly-and-depressingly-middling-in-the-ratings comedy? Are there 12 comedy nerds out there who would love sports if only Alec Baldwin and John Krasinksi (or Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell, or Will Ferrell and Danny McBride, or Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris, or S.J. Perelman and Bob Elliott) told them it was OK? Fair enough. Congratulations on your new hobby, comedy nerds! It will be good for you to get some sun on that old basement face. If you do go to an actual sporting event, though, please try and keep the Monthy Python quotes to a minimum, and whatever you do, do not shout “SIMPSONS DID IT!”