I never thought I would say this, but I’ve got great Glenn Beck related news, you guys! From the Hollywood Reporter:

Glenn Beck will end his highly rated daily program on the Fox News Channel but continue “to develop and produce a variety of television projects for air” on Fox News and other related digital platforms.

Yay! Right? I mean, that was just a terrible show, I am glad it is going away. I know this doesn’t mean the end of Glenn Beck, who will have a long career of saying whatever the fuck, like, seriously, whatever, just shit he obviously does not actually believe (this is known as lies). And far more importantly, I know this doesn’t mean an end to the people who enjoyed watching Glenn Beck, because let us be honest, that was always the actual problem. No one cares what the crazy person is shouting in the basement, but you have to wonder about the people who invite him up to the dinner table, you know? That backwards, out-dated, uninformed, racist, and genuinely DANGEROUS mindset isn’t going anywhere. Those people still exist and are still desperately looking for something to make them vaguely angry and scared for reasons they don’t understand. Yikes!

But for now, A CELEBRATION: