Go To Bed, James Franco

You know what, enough James Franco already. It’s exhausting. Between his movies and his (defunct) Twitter and his multiple, concurrent graduate degree programs (on opposite sides of the country, as if that is even a thing) and hosting the Oscars also maybe he is going to be in a Broadway play and now he is also teaching two (TWO!) different classes and today the AP is reporting that he works at The Colbert Report?

ENOUGH. Honestly, it is too much! It’s exhausting even just to casually ignore most of it on the Internet! I haven’t felt this put upon by a celebrity’s incessant need for constant attention since BENNIFER. And at least that was TWO PEOPLE. And they had the decency to BREAK UP. At this point the only thing dude even has left to do is release a signature fragrance.

Go to bed, James Franco. No one likes you anymore.