Best New Party Game 50: #HollywoodPostItNote

Oh boy, you guys. Now THIS is a Party Game. I know the Party Games have been kind of thin lately, but hey, some PARTIES are thin, you know what I mean? But this Party Game is…well, thick, I guess? It’s a good one! You will see. There is lots of room for USING YOUR IMAGINATION! Good thing you got that imagineering degree! Anyway, a game this good demands a party of commensurate quality, and as luck would have it, we’re having one tomorrow! (OK, that is your final friendly reminder. Very friendly. Very final.) To the Gaming Arena!

  • “About the ending: maybe 9/11 was all just a hobo’s dream?” #HollywoodPostItNote
  • “Perhaps instead of the retard teaching the jaded businessman how to love again on a road trip, they have a threesome.” #HollywoodPostItNote
  • “Fire Lloyd. Rehire Lloyd.” #HollywoodPostItNote
  • Everyone’s playing!

  • @PattonOswalt: “Give @LenaDunham notes on her PUNISHER re-boot script. Pay pool cleaner.” #HollywoodPostItNote
  • @JonDaly: “Pixar Pitch – “Buildings” – Mom building dies pg.10″ #HollywoodPostItNote
  • @TimCarvell: “Kangaroo Court: basketball team hires marsupial” #HollywoodPostItNote
  • A minute to learn, a lifetime to master. (New idea: Othello board game as movie? As way to discuss historic election of Barack Obama?)