Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Takes The Republicans To Bill School

Oh man, Anthony Weiner, you guys! He should change his name to The Best Weiner, am I right? Why wouldn’t he? There’s nothing gross or weird or having unlimited potential to be misconstrued about that name, it’s just expresses what a great guy he is, I’m sure. Seriously. He is the best. Anyway, in his latest video, Mr. Weiner takes to the floor of the House of Representatives to explain to the Republicans how a bill is turned into law, using posters and props, naturally. Dude just straight takes them to Government School, no joke. But, like, Government Elementary School. You’ll see. It makes me wish that this is what C-Span was really like. I would watch C-Span all the time! (But I would not watch C-Span 2. I’m not a weirdo.)

Hahaha. They don’t call him The Best Weiner for nothing!