The Hangover: Part II Trailer, You Guys

I wasn’t the world’s BIGGEST fan of the original movie, The Hangover, which I thought was funny and had plenty of laughs–and obviously watching Zach Galifianakis was a real JOY–but it certainly had its problems and was not something, in my opinion, to lose one’s mind over. To put it in bro comedy relational terms, I think The Hangover was as overrated as Step Brothers was underrated. You do the math! But I really like this trailer. Yes, it is a little light on actual “jokes,” but I very much appreciate that they were just like fuck it, we’re doing the same movie all over again! Seriously. I like that. It is funny to me. It’s kind of like when Kourtney Kardashian walks onto a TV show and says “I’m a lawyer,” and you’re like, OK, got it, she’s a lawyer. I guess what I’m saying is that The Hangover 2 is the Kourtney Kardashian Attorney at Law of summer comedies? Sure. I miss Pony Day.