FINALLY: Goop: The Magazine

Most people, when they get their weekly email newsletter from Gwyneth Paltrow explaining where to find the best pewter sink fixtures for the guest bathroom at your French estate probably think to themselves, “now if only this was printed on paper.” Well, THINK NO MORE! From the New York Post (via Dlisted):

Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been remaking herself in recent years as a food expert with strong ties to celebrity chef Mario Batali — and now, according to a reliable source, she is trying to expand her empire outside of the Hollywood realm with a magazine project.

One source insisted Hearst — which has a hit on its hands with the Food Network Magazine and which helped turn Oprah Winfrey’s celebrity buzz into O, the Oprah Magazine, now the second most profitable magazine in the entire company after Cosmopolitan, is intrigued.

“It’s a super-secret project,” said one source. Hearst is insisting speculation is not true.

“Neat magazine and well worth it!” — trees.

Between this, Goop, her wonderful movies, and her important record deal, Gwyneth is become a real media powerhouse. She’s a quadruple threat! DEFCON BARF!