Best New Party Game 49: #ottermovies

Yesterday, comedian Kurt Braunohler, who you can see NEXT THURSDAY at the Videogum 3rd-Anniversary Show and Also Party (RSVP here), started a pretty good little game on Twitter: #ottermovies. The timing couldn’t be better, because no party is complete without a party game, and we happen to be having a party next week, in case I failed to mention it. Anyway, this one is pretty BY THE BOOK, but I will go first just to get it started ha get it started in here (cool Black Eyed Peas reference):

The Hunt For Red Ottertober
The Otters
Like Otter for Chocolate
She’s Otter Have It

Good luck playing this high stakes game (the HIGHEST stakes?). See you next week! At the thing! You know!