Why Don’t You Put This Elderly Drunk Man On Dancing With The Stars Then?

The more I think about this whole Chris Brown on Dancing with the Stars thing, the worse it feels. His album debuted at #1 this week, what more publicity does showbiz need to offer him? The man is a convicted rageaholic! I would understand it if Dancing with the Stars had already featured EVERY SINGLE OTHER SINGER AND DANCER IN THE WORLD, in which case naturally their hands would be tied. Got 2 keep thingz fresh! 4 tha kidz! If Dancing with the Stars had featured every single other singer and dancer in the world and then invited Chris Brown to perform, I would be like, got it. But that means this guy should have gone first. Get this guy on there! In all honesty, I would actually watch an episode of Dancing with the Stars (my first!) if this guy was on. (Admittedly, I do not actually know whether or not this drunk old man dancing to a local band’s cover of a Led Zepplin song at some kind of street fair has ever punched his girlfriend in the face in a rented Lamborghini [lol] before leaving her for dead and running off into the night. If he has done something like this, then it would make sense for Chris Brown to appear on Dancing with the Stars one episode before him. That order would make sense.) (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)