How Is Betty White Not In This Movie?

How is Betty White not in this movie? From the Toronto Sun:

Hollywood old-timers Ernest Borgnine and Mickey Rooney have teamed up for a wacky new movie about a group of pensioners who turn their nursing home into a nightclub. The two nonagenarians will play roommates and team up with former M*A*S*H star Sally Kellerman, Paul Sorvino and filmmaker Ron Howard’s father Rance in Night Club, the first film by realtor-turned-moviemaker Larry Delrose’s Italian American Films group. The star-studded movie will also feature American Pie actress Natasha Lyonne and Clint Eastwood’s Gran Turino neighbour Ahney Her.

Delrose tells WENN, “The film presents the idea that one is never too young or too old to find inspiration and meaning in life.

Just kidding, I know why she’s not in this movie: because they wouldn’t LET her be in this movie. Sorry, Betty White. This movie is for professional actors and actresses only (and Natasha Lyonne), not Internet memes. Let’s see you MySpace your way out of this one! (Thanks for the tip, NotActuallyBettyWhite.)