Stay Safe Out There, You Guys

We are all too familiar with the dangers of the Internet (you might get embarrassed on Friendster or your TV show might get canceled!) but it’s still useful every now and again to take a refresher course.

REMEMBER: whenever you are going to ask a 12-year-old to meet you at East Mall over MacPaint, don’t. They might be a mustache pervert with NO SLEEVES ON THEIR SHIRT! Yikes. (Unless, of course, you yourself are a mustache pervert with NO SLEEVES ON YOUR SHIRT, in which case, good luck! And if they don’t show up, you can always have lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen. Bring a book!) This is my face all day long:

Notice how his hand has lifted off of the mouse like oh, hell no? That is my hand. It’s your acoustic guitar in the background, though. (Video via NextRound.)