This Is Just A Good Political Ad That Is Neither Racist Nor Insane*

Yiiiiikes. Also: what? These unmoored political action committee ads are always so confusing. Let’s pretend for a second that you see this and you AREN’T bothered by how racist and insane it is. What next? How exactly do you keep America from being DESTROYED by turning its back on the principles that made us great? Ugh, never mind, don’t answer that question, who cares, barf barf barf. This is seriously the worst. I’m pretty sure the Roman Empire didn’t fall by offering subsidized health care to CHILDREN, although it might have had something to do with its fractious and violent political in-fighting and over-enthusiasm for military prowess. I also did not know that the principles that made us great in the first place were just how we did…not…try to extricate ourselves from an economic downturn? But, my apologies to this whole video if it turns out it’s just an ad for the Android tablet that dude is using, or whatever. Neat tablet! iPad 2 in stores now! Download the Post-Apocalyptic Potable Drinking Water And Black Market Bullets Locator app! (Thanks for the tip, @malgs.)