Grown Adults Start A Fort Club, Are Your Boyfriends And Girlfriends

Oh man. I hope this is a joke.

From the “Forts and the In-Between” website:

We are a group of four young and passionate daydreamers from San Diego, California, with hopes of growing and sharing in a bigger story. We’ve been building forts as an art practice for the past few years and the public has gravitated towards them with breathtaking support and encouragement. People of all ages and interests have encouraged us to keep creating these forts as a way of building community, both here in San Diego and anywhere else we possibly can.

Oh, also this:

Our first focus is building forts.
For us, to build a fort is to create a safe space where we can freely use our imaginations and be ourselves; a space where we can relate to each other and ask questions. By acting on those questions, a fort becomes the starting place for an experience that will empower and grow both us and our communities into something exceptional. These forts inspire us to live brilliantly, profoundly, and generously.

This is a joke? LOL? Good joke? Hahaha? FUUUUUUUUUUU.

Look, as someone who believes in young people doing their best to make the world a better place and who enjoys the idea of supportive communities that bolster creativity and the overall quality of life for the individual as a meaningful counterpoint to the misguided “individualism” of the 1990s, I obviously support some of the basic precepts that this group claims to promoting. Yay! Let’s have fun! Sometimes the weather is nice outside! Let’s make a website!

But fucking forts? We should all be so lucky as to appreciate NOT BEING SIX YEARS OLD ANYMORE.

Also, what is all this “feeling safe to use your imagination” nonsense? Who doesn’t feel safe using their imagination? Cowards! Honestly, if you don’t feel safe using your imagination unless you have three friends come to your living room and help you built a binkie-fort, you don’t DESERVE an imagination. I am of the Captain EO and Neverending Story schools of imagineering. I believe that it is through the power of the imagination that we will vanquish the evil 3D space queens of the junkyard planet, and that abreast a mighty make-believe Falcor, we will force those bullies to jump in a goddamned dumpster. “Gabe, isn’t terrorizing a group of bullies just because now you are the one with an imaginary bubblegum dragon kind of just reverse-bullying?” Yes it is. NOW GET IN THAT DUMPSTER BULLIES. Quickly, too. I’ve got a yarn and felt fort full of pussies to BURN TO THE GROUND. (Admittedly, this may be why they do not always feel safe using their imaginations. But maybe they shouldn’t feel safe using their imaginations, since the best their imaginations could come up with was FORT CLUB.)

Get a job, everyone. (Thanks for the tip, cakeordeath.)