Setup Trailer, You Guys

Wow. OK! I finally get it. It has taken years and years for the pattern to emerge, but it is clear now that when you put 50 Cent in your movie, it will definitely come out as something else. Because clearly this is not a movie. At all. I’m not entirely sure WHAT this is, but I know what movies are and this isn’t one of them. It’s like, a video project? Or maybe just a joke? When you try to buy a ticket to this, the movie theater shouts “GOTCHA!” But we have seen this before! Take a look at the Gun trailer. Look at the Things Fall Apart trailer. Look at the Before I Self Destruct trailer. None of those are movies! But they all have this same weird quality, as if someone HEARD ABOUT MOVIES and decided to try and make one. Haha. Cast 50 Cent in your next joke!