We Are All Of Us Helpless In The Face Of Tragedy, But Some Of Us Less So

I was listening to the radio this morning and in addition to a 30km evacuation zone surrounding the Fukushima nuclear power plant, there was another 20km (yeah I listen to BBC radio sometimes, whatever!) radius of people told to stay indoors, but now on top of that they have apparently found contaminated spinach 150km away! OH NO, CONTAMINATED SINACH! Meanwhile, the New York Times is reporting that repairs at the reactor have been delayed again by the discovery of another machine in need of attention. Oof. It is just a very scary situation is all, and it’s one of those disasters–as if there is another kind of disaster–where we all of us are forced to sit helplessly by and watch as the world threatens to unravel at the seams. Of course, we aren’t ALL completely helpless. Some of us, when faced with these types of crises refuse to sit on our hands, and instead we just put on our best pink wig and gigantic panties, head down to the rape basement, and record a song called “Japan’s Villagers.” It’s called PRO-ACTIVISM. Look it UP.

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