Lifting Up the Skirt of the Night: Official Music Video

And here we are at the end of a long day of Videogumming. Many thanks to Gabe, Scott and Amrit, and to Mike Benner for his invaluable creative and moral contributions.

You may recall from a recent Bob’s Burgers episode a particularly sizzling soul-funk number popping up during a pivotal montage. The song is called “Lifting Up the Skirt of the Night,” and seeing as we, collectively, are about to go lift high the skirt of Friday night, we thought it would be a good post to end on.

The song’s video, made for a paltry $80,000 (and every penny is up there on the screen), stars Steve Agee and Samantha Shelton, with special appearances from John Roberts (who also provided the amazing vocals) and Jon Benjamin. Enjoy! Stay in touch! G’night!

(Oh, and apologies for posting after the Monster’s Ball. Cut us some slack, we’re temps.)