See a Terrifying, Dreadlocked Vision of Hell

Somewhere along the line cartoons got a reputation as ideal entertainment for people who are stoned. Those of us who work in cartoons accept that. But even though we live in LA — a city that sells exotic, high-potency strains of marijuana in bulk bins at the organic supermarket, next to the yogurt pretzels — we aren’t big pot smokers ourselves. It’s not that we look down on it. We just don’t want to end up like the godforsaken couple in this music video. Remember the movie Once? Where the street busker guy falls in love with the angel-voiced girl, and together they make beautiful, life-affirming music that your mom listens to when she needs a pick-me-up? The couple in this video are the horrifying opposite of that. They’re giving out “Free Hugs.” The guy’s name is Bongo Bliss. Even drum circles have safeguards in place to keep people like this away. Get ready…

(Thanks, Jodi Faye!)