Meet Today’s Guest Bloggers: The Writers and Cast of Bob’s Burgers

Good morning! Bob’s Burgers, reporting for duty. (Or should we say BLOG’s Burgers? lol #juno.) That’s right, today and today only an anthropomorphized television program will be your safari guide to the wet and wild blogosphere. Here are the beautiful people who make up the writers and cast of Bob’s Burgers, presented in alphabetical order (the writers’ idea — try to shut them up about the alphabet!), along with a fun fact about each person:

- Jon Benjamin (handsomest voice in show biz)
– Mike Benner (has Hulk hands)
– Kit Boss (Lori Petty shadowed him to prepare for A League of Their Own)
– Loren Bouchard (huge Chet Haze fan)
– Jim Dauterive (big-time Silly Bandz collector)
– Steven Davis (more like Steven Doofus, just kidding, love you Steven)
– Dan Fybel (redhead)
– Scott Jacobson (has heard of bands you haven’t heard of)
– Dan Mintz (made of candy)
– Eugene Mirman (delivers mail on the side, doesn’t have to, just loves it)
– Lizzie Molyneux (sister to Wendy)
– Wendy Molyneux (sister to Lizard)
– Mike Olsen (hates horses)
– Rich Rinaldi (didn’t actually contribute anything for this)
– John Roberts (Supreme Court Justice)
– Kristen Schaal (voiced a character in Pixar’s “Cars”)
– Holly “I Go To New York All The Time” Schlesinger (goes to New York all the time)
– Jon Schroeder (6’10”)
– Nora Smith (only eats beans and wine)
– Garland Testa (will cut you)
– Greg Thompson (is what the ladies call a “silver fox”)
– Kelvin Yu (Asian guy from Milk)

Now that you know us, tell us a little about yourselves down there in the comments section. Just kidding, we probably WON’T read your comments if they’re not about us. We are self-centered. So Hollywood! But actually no, seriously, comment. This isn’t like the TV show: you can talk back to us here and not be an insane person. We will be providing premium internet content all day long. Some stuff will be Bob’s Burgers-centric. Other stuff will be trampoline accidents, since that is the only mandate Gabe gave us. But all of it will bring us closer together as a family.

So strap yourselves in Monsters, and get ready for a very special blogisode of Bob’s Burgers.

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