They Can’t All Be Trampoline Accidents

I made it my goal for today to find you guys the world’s best and most exciting new trampoline accident. I searched and searched through all the best trampoline accident websites and message boards, but I couldn’t find anything worthwhile. (This, for example, simply doesn’t cut it.)

But as you may know from watching those Hollywood films about romance, fate can be a funny and surprising thing. Your brain might think you want an American trampoline accident, but really your heart wants something completely different. Something Brazilian. Something with a Dance Dance Revolution machine and a glass door.

As they say in Portuguese, “Seja cuidadoso de sua cara, idiota.”

#Glass #Door #Face #Swag

And with that, Monsters, I must leave you. I have to drive to New Haven to do a show at some college that is NOT Yale. Jealous? Anyway, this was fun! I hope I didn’t embarrass myself!

R.I.P. The Zune. I will miss you..