Meet Today’s Guest Blogger: Shellbomber

High-five, you guys. That’s me, Shellbomber, on the right.

Who knew an afternoon of browsing for bedazzled Sidekick covers in Union Square would end in such excitement? And not just for the two of us! Something was, umm, miscommunicated when I breathlessly called my dad as our “Cingular Shoutout.” He thought I was in jail? And I was using my one phone call to ask him about Princeton’s mascot? Because I was high and in jail for being on drugs? And he was getting bail money together? LOL, dad.

At the time, I was fulfilling my lifelong dream of living in New York City. Isn’t that just an adorable dream for a girl to have in her early twenties? I was such a Carrie. I moved back to Chicago, my hometown, after finishing grad school to pursue a new dream: to live in more than 200 square feet and afford regular meals. I miss New York sometimes, but the memory lives on through high-fives and Sallie Mae bills. At least for the next 24 years.

I came to Videogum early on, but only joined the conversation after seeing something so mind-blowingly awesome that I had to comment. I’m talking about The Very Best Pumpkin Head Halloween Dance Of All Time In The World, of course. In the time since, I’ve met some very cool fellow monsters, judged the Videogum song contest, and white-knuckled my way through a GOOP detox program in the ultimate Taking of One for the Team. Spoiler alert: I barfed on Day Two. Your move, Mande. I HAVE A TWITTER TOO JUST SO YOU KNOW.

OK! I’m excited. Give me a sec to wipe my flop sweat and we’ll get started.

P.S. That was one of Cash Cab’s first US episodes, long before it was everyone’s favorite show to watch at the gym. And, apparently, before they started screening contestants roaming bookstores. The only trickery I saw was the cash, which is fake. I got something that looked like a personal check in a hand-addressed envelope six months later.