Introducing This Week’s Incredible Line-Up Of Guest Bloggers

Good morning! Mondays! Lasagna! I just wanted to take a second and let you guys know what you can expect this week. We have a whole bunch of guest bloggers who are going to be covering all of the hottest trampoline accidents and Donnie Darko/Schindler’s List mash-ups for your pleasure. (Pleasure is a weird word. Right? It sounds greasy. OK, back on track.) Anyway, here is the lineup for the week:

Monday: Mans
Tuesday: Joe Mande
Wednesday: Shellbomber
Thursday: Starlee Kine
Friday: The writers and cast of Bob’s Burgers

Wowowowowow! NOT TOO SHABBY! This is going to be SOME week. As always, please welcome your fellow monsters and/or the writers and cast of Bob’s Burgers (!!!!) with open arms and enthusiastic support. We have nothing if we don’t have good manners. Sit up straight. Wipe the smudges off your face. Straighten your collar. Here they come!