Suits Corner: Paul F. Tompkins And Tom Scharpling Developing A Show For Comedy Central

As you know, I happen to be in LA today, and what that means is that I am now VERY into development news and behind the scenes information. Big time. It’s my people now. I’m like a little Ari Gold out here (Ari Gold’s face is constantly covered in taco sauces, right?) LLOYD! GET ME GOLF SHOES ON THE PHONE! Just kidding, I’m more of an E, you know? Like, I straddle the line between being a Suit and being a Pizza Boy from Queens. (E is constantly driven around by his friend in his friend’s Ford Focus because he isn’t renting a car until next week, right?) ANYWAY, now that I have traded the New York Times for Variety, I know about stuff like this (from Deadline Hollywood, thanks for the tip, Nikki Finke!):

Comedy Central has put in development Evil Genius, a high-concept scripted comedy starring actor-comedian Paul F. Tompkins. The show, which Tompkins will write with Tom Scharpling (Monk), stars Tompkins as Professor Tiberius Lynch, an evil genius who has successfully taken over the world, achieving global domination. The only problem is — what should he do next? Being a genius doesn’t make it easier to navigate the everyday situations of office life, especially when that office is responsible for running absolutely everything on Earth. Lynch must contend with the quirks and foibles of his cohorts as well as the demands of the entire population of the planet, trying to pull off the ultimate balancing act.

OK, I was just kidding about all that showbiz talk. I hate that stuff, man! But you have to admit that this is still very nice news. Those two guys are so funny! We love new TV shows that sound good! Isn’t that right, Turtle? TURTLE! WHERE IS THAT ADJUSTMENT BUREAU HAT I GAVE YOU?!