Hello, My Name Is Doc Hollywood

SHHHHHOWWWWTIMEE! Right? From that Jim Carrey movie? The Face? Isn’t that what it was called? Mr. Weird Face? Something like that. Anyway, I am in Los Angeles today, so for one thing, I’m three hours behind the world as we know it. Seriously, I am basically ancient herstory. This is probably how the dinosaurs in The Land Before Time felt. For another thing, do you know how many different places there are to eat tacos in Los Angeles? It’s ridiculous! So just the man hours alone that it is going to require to EAT ALL OF THEM will necessitate a bit of a posting slow-down on the site. Feel free to share your Internet finds in the comments today (if you see something say something! Do they even have “if you see something say something” in LA? Unrelated question: why is everyone wearing Adjustment Bureau hats? Were they giving them out for free?) and let’s just see how the rest of the day goes. It’s Friday! Something something can you believe the traffic?! Let’s gooooo!