Best New Party Game 48: Shut Up, Dad

We didn’t have a Best New Party Game yesterday, which is traditionally the day we have Best New Party Games, because frankly, well, there weren’t any. Sometimes that is just the way the party game crumbles. Stop crying and drink your punch. (You know there’s also such a thing as Best New Party MAKING CONVERSATION.) Oh but look! In the cold light of morning (literally, it is TOO cold still, what is UP?) we now have a game to play, just a classic MORNING PARTY game. Hop up out the bed, turn your tag on. (Oof. Sorry.)

As you can see, someone has taken this classic movie moment from the John Cusack erotic thriller, Say Anything, and updated it for OUR generation (via BuzzFeed). The Zune Generation. Boy-oy-oing! GET OUT OF MY ROOM, DAD, YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING AND THAT IS WHY MOM LEFT US. Now, this makes for a much trickier game than usual because it’s not just (very) cheap puns this time. You’ve got to update classic movie moments for THA KIDZ. No grown-ups allowed! Do you think you’re up to it? Or do you want to take your ball and go home like a little girl (who knows that if she stays focused and works hard, she can do ANYTHING a man can do, even be President some day maybe, the first female President, now wouldn’t that be something)?