P-Holla, a member of the C-Zoo rap crew (which stands for Columbus Zoo, because they are from Westerville Ohio) has released a Chet Haze diss track! UH OH! The best part is that supposedly P-Holla is a senior at Northwestern University (where Chet Haze is also enrolled). Haha. Campuses is talking! This is the biggest hip hop beef since Nas vs. Jay-Z just kidding! They’re probably going to end up battling it out during the “naked mile” or some shit. “Let’s settle this over a game of flip cup, son,” etc.

My favorite line: “Tell your dad I said what up though/R.I.P to his son, call it cut-throat.”
My second favorite line: “Oh you mad cuz your girl wants to do me/your main boo was in Bratz: The Movie.”

STONE COLD DISSING. REAL HIP HOP. Full Chet Haze diss track (#swag) after the jump:

Haha. Oh man. Hasn’t Chet Haze seen 8 Mile? You’ve got to make fun of yourself first so that your enemies have nothing to work with. HIPPITY-HOO-BLOM HANKS! (Thanks for the tip, Joe Mande and aftershock.)